The Communities for California Cardrooms (CCC) is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization that provides a united voice for small businesses; advances and protects local jobs and the economy that is provided by card rooms; educates and highlights the public on the benefits and history of card rooms in their communities; and encourages inclusiveness with businesses small and large that share in protecting and growing jobs in California communities.

Cardroom Statistics

A recent economic study by Beacon Economics LLC, a leading independent economic research firm, examined the economic and social contributions of card clubs to local, state, and federal governments. Specifically, the study concluded:

  • The existing literature on California card clubs shows that many of these clubs generate over one-fourth of the total tax revenue for the municipal general funds in their home cities.  Indeed, in some cases, card clubs generate over 80% of the tax revenue for the general budget.
  • Together, the direct tax expenditures of card clubs and TPPPS, as well as the tax expenditures generated as a result of their operations, yielded approximately $100.9 million in tax revenue for state and local government, and approximately $172.3 million in tax revenue for federal government.
  • Card club operators directly supported over 17,300 jobs in California, while indirect and induced impacts of those operations supported over 5,400 jobs.
  • Beacon Economics estimates that California card club operations, which include the TPPPS Firms, in 2011 generated over $1.8 billion in economic output, supported over 22,700 jobs, and produced over $270 million in tax revenue for federal, state and local governments.
  • Subtracting the input costs of card club operations, card clubs generated over $1.1 billion in value-added economic activity in California, as well as over $790 million in labor income for California workers.
  • Beyond their economic impacts, card clubs generate a significant social impact in California.  Card clubs contribute to a wide assortment of causes throughout the state, as well as sponsor and host events and programs to strengthen their communities, such as festivals, holiday celebrations, and charitable fundraisers.

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